Now Available on Xbox, iPad, Android, and now Ouya!

Link to Rogue AI on Xbox Live
Link to Rogue AI on Android Market / Google Play
Link to Rogue AI on Ouya
Link to Rogue AI on iTunes
Youtube Video - Courtesy of Mike B of "Indie for Breakfast"

About the Game
Rogue AI is a defensive strategy with a tower defense feel.

Launched into space, you are a machine with a single objective. Return to earth and annihilate the entire human race.

- Harvest Resources
- Construct Buildings and Defenses
- Slaughter Humans
- Slaughter Suicidal Space Hamsters (wait what?)

Features an open ended weapon upgrade system. You can choose to litter the battlefield, concentrate on a single monolithic turret, or anywhere in between.

Game works on xbox, iPad 2 and iPad 3, as well as various 10.1" android tablets. Googles Nexus 7 and the Samsung 1920x1200 tablets won't work.

I have included a second campaign for free, should annihilating your race not prove sufficient. Stomping on suicidal space hamsters is just as much fun as smashing humans.

- A note from the developer -
The game is difficult, even the easy setting will get you killed. When testing the game, I died multiple times on normal difficulty on the 3rd level.

Android / iPad Mini Tutorial
- One Finger to select and build units
- Double tap will select all identical units on screen
- Dragging will select multiple units
- Two fingers at once will navigate the map
- You can also use one finger on the minimap to navigate

Xbox Mini Tutorial
- Push buttons until things blow up

Ouya Mini Tutorial
- Dito